15 March 2016

Links of the Week (3/16/16)

Links to articles on book-designer-editor collaboration, staff diversity at Slack, and change and transformation in publishing.

13 March 2016

Beyond the Battle between Print and Digital books

It feels like the battle between print and digital for the future of publishing is over. Did someone actually win?

31 January 2016

Was 2015 the Year that Print Fought Back?

Did print stage a turnaround? Did people get tired of ebooks? Or is this all just PR?

15 January 2016

10 points about the Amazon workplace "debate"

What discussions about Amazon as a workplace say about the larger world of work.

15 January 2016

10 Thoughts from Museum Computer Network 2015 Conference

My favorite museum technology conference covered data, publishing, "friend-tor-ing," and starting little insurrections.

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