In Search of Sustainable Strategy for Museums: An Interview with Uma Nair

What is the relationship between skilled project management and sustainable museum strategy?

A Review of Bootstrapped and a Webinar on Worker Self-Directed Nonprofits

Organizations too often believe the twin myths of individual self-reliance and worker disempowerment.

Links of the Week: June 28, 2024: Project Manage This

Museums are ignoring the need for skills and culture as they rush towards a future they define in strategic plans.

Embracing a Change Mindset in Museums: From Scarcity to Strategy—A Guest Post by Uma Nair

How do museums—and workers—strike a balance between meaningful impact and public praise?

Links of the Week: June 21, 2024: Trust Busting or Trust Building?

Museums can't preach trust in society without enacting it internally.

The Trust Problem for Museums Doesn't Start with the Public

Museums say they're among the most trusted institutions in society. What happens when that isn't the case internally?

Links of the Week: June 14, 2024: The AI-Age Museum Career

Technology for museums is about more than AI (though AIs probably would disagree).

The Cultural and Nonprofit Sector Technology Journey—An Interview with Matt Morgan

Museum Technology Careers are a Mix of Intention and Accident

Links of the Week: June 7, 2024: Days at the Museum

Museums can't find the answers unless they widen their view of who gets to ask the questions.

The Mindset to Matter: A Review of Why Museums Matter and Videogames and the Public Museum

Are museum leaders and workers speaking languages too different for institutions to thrive?

Links of the Week: May 31, 2024: Think about the Future

Museums as institutions don't collectively ponder their futures enough.

Report from the Future: A Design Fiction Tale by Isabella Bruno

Where our researcher presents findings from an initial time travel mission.

Links of the Week: May 24, 2024: This Deal Is Getting Worse All the Time

Has the new buzzword for being trapped in a platform finally come for the museum field?

Hustle Culture, Revisited, part 2: What I've Learned about Museums from Making Museum Human

What have I learned about the museum field from eight years of making Museum Human?