About robertjweisberg

I'm the one that lives in New York and works for a museum.
I was raised when the biggest threat to reading were video games and a couple of tv channels.
Now I work when the biggest threat to reading and learning is having a device in our hand.
Yet having a device in our hand can also be a salvation of reading and learning.
I like my fiction eclectic. And vice versa.
I like my likes paradoxical. And vice versa.
I like my metaphors mixed. On maximum speed.
I love the museum where I work. I love that I get to to work there. I love not making the world a worse place on a daily basis.
I love all museums. I love all museum visitors.
I want everyone to get along. I know we can do it. We're all the same. Pale Blue Dot and all that.
I will never stop trying to improve my workplace. I am relentlessly naively optimistic.
I'm an ENFJ. (I know!)
This site is like a peanut butter cup.
Some days I think my interest in museum work is the peanut butter and my interest organizational culture is the chocolate. Other days it's the reverse.
You'll get a lot about working in museums at this site.
You'll also get a lot about workflow and organizational culture.
But it's stories all the way down.
The best technology helps us tell stories. The best workflows are really good stories.
I'm on Twitter a lot.
I'm on Instagram a little, but trying.
I'm on Tumblr but I only lurk.
I'm not on the Facebook at all. Maybe someday.
To quote Winona Ryder in Heathers:

I just want my school to be a nice place.

This blog represents my personal views and not those of any employer, real or imagined.