My Curated Online Reading List

I'm not going to write about these articles per se, but they're definitely worth a read. Call it my curated online reading list.

  • [A manifesto on design in digital publishing]( (from The Bookseller's very good [five-minute-manifesto series](
  • The *New York Times* on [digital lessons from the museum and art world](®ion=Body&
  • The Portland Art Museum's [Mike Murawski](, asking about the museum education and visitor experience field, [Are We Becoming Too Reliant on Technology?](
  • *The Atlantic*, on [The Museum of the Future is Here](, about the post-re-opening Cooper-Hewitt, featuring its recently-departed digital director [Seb Chan](
  • *Times ad infinitum*, on [museums putting their collections online](, how digital can bring audiences [closer to the art](, and [online sharing of collections]( Okay, this really isn't the same story over and over again?
  • It's a bit of old news, but the *Times* produced a report on [its own internal culture](, *vis √† vis* digital and print.