Links of the Week (1/18/16)

Some useful articles on digital journalism, valuing one's time, and spaceflight.

LOTW is a collection of hyperlinks from the past week, sometimes centered on a particular topic. (For more links to articles I really found enlightening, check out this site's Curated Online Reading List.)

This is actually from last month, but NiemanLab asked a gaggle of thinkers for [predictions for journalism in the coming year](( The series is easy to read, and if you have any interest in the impact on digital technologies on the way we access news and information and, hell, just use our phones, it's worth checking out. Bookmark NiemanLab or follow them on [Twitter]( if you haven't already.

If you find you have trouble prioritizing your time, whether at the office or on personal creative projects at home, this article, forwarded to me by DW, about [how to value one's time](, is excellent. There are a lot of personal-management writers, but James Clear is one of the best.

Oh, and because knowledge is good, I'm adding a link to my favorite astronomy/spaceflight/planetary exploration site, Centauri Dreams. If you have any interest at all in exoplanets that might show signs of advanced civilizations, or the recent New Horizons visit to Pluto, or solar-system debris that might one day hit the Earth, check this site out and subscribe.