Discuss: Empathy and Talia Jane

Museum workers are now on the internet discussing making a living wage … once upon a time, the digital media sector was having that very conversation.

So, someone wrote something on the internet …

About not being able to make ends meet at her job.

Her company didn't like it and fired her.

PS, she isn't the only person who got fired after getting pissed off and writing something unflattering about her bosses: hello, Melissa Harris-Perry, formerly of MSNBC.

Unleash the maelstrom …

I can't even begin to capture the back and forth of all this. (My mini-take: everyone has a right to a living wage, but in this country not at whatever job they want and on all of their own terms. Paying your dues for a year or more is real; but so is empathy, and I suspect the circumstances that got her to the unworkable situation that led to her Medium post are unfortunate and not entirely of her own doing. The post was a bad idea, but blazing honesty usually is.)

Much, much more, here. This, IMHO, is what Medium was meant for: medium- and long-form conversation and engagement across the intertubes.