With AI, to Throwdown™ or Not Throwdown™ is the Question

AI either has tons of use cases or is all hype. Can museums figure out which—or both—and learn something more profound about their organizations?

Links of the Week: July 12, 2024: The Workplace Evolution

Are we being honest about museum org culture problems?

Links of the Week: June 28, 2024: Project Manage This

Museums are ignoring the need for skills and culture as they rush towards a future they define in strategic plans.

Links of the Week: June 21, 2024: Trust Busting or Trust Building?

Museums can't preach trust in society without enacting it internally.

Links of the Week: June 14, 2024: The AI-Age Museum Career

Technology for museums is about more than AI (though AIs probably would disagree).

The Cultural and Nonprofit Sector Technology Journey—An Interview with Matt Morgan

Museum Technology Careers are a Mix of Intention and Accident

Links of the Week: June 7, 2024: Days at the Museum

Museums can't find the answers unless they widen their view of who gets to ask the questions.

Links of the Week: April 26, 2024: Process and Processing

Workplaces process trauma to the best of their ability—in our society, how good is that?

The Lonely Workplace Paradox

Why can't defenders of the workplace get over how often they're empty?

The Well-Being Dilemma for Museum Workers

Do museum workers need to take charge of their own well-being—and that of their institutions?

Links of the Week: January 26, 2024: Finding Forward

Can museums and their workers move in the same direction at the same time?

What Do Museums Need to Do to Move Forward for Their Workers?

Museums being honest know that equity, fairness, and justice are organizational problems. Are they avoiding the necessary solutions?

Museums and Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century

You make more money from money than from growth—or income. And this should matter to museum workers.

AI is NOT Coming for Your Museum Job (but Someone Else May Be)—Part 2

Who will decide how AI helps—or replaces—museum work?

AI is NOT Coming for Your Museum Job (but Someone Else May Be)—Part 1

Does anyone actually know what AI is capable of—and who will suffer in trying to figure that out?