16 January 2017

Keeping Ourselves Real in Our Museum Work

The workplace psychology movement of the week is a call for authenticity. Do museums have a particular office honesty problem?

08 January 2017

Metadata and the Museum Digital Dilemma

A series of blog posts from the Getty detail just how deeply digital practices have been woven into museum work. What will it take for museum professionals to keep up?

29 December 2016

Top posts of 2016

2016 was a big year for writing on the museum field. Here's a rundown of my top 10 posts of 2016, ranked by pageviews.

27 December 2016

A Year of Shattered Expectations

I started writing a year-end blog post several times, but it felt weird and delusional, like I was ignoring the approaching giant planet ready to destroy the Earth.

27 December 2016

Check out my updated Blog Roll

It's a bit buried in the nav sidebar, but I've updated my blogroll with a more recent list of blogs from museum-field colleagues who inspire me.

19 November 2016

Museums in an Age of Despair

If you work in a museum, the title of this post is a no-brainer, but it is also part of the problem.

08 November 2016

Call It The Human League: Museum Computer Network 2016

MCN2016 was a great, positive, uplifting conference, and it happened—and election night doesn't change that. A commitment to real, impactful change was never more important.

11 October 2016

This Month I'll Be on Medium

For most of October 2016, my good friend Jennifer Foley, of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, and I were exchanging letters on Medium about some contentious words in museum practice.

26 September 2016

Art Book Digital Publishing: Hopelessly Lost, Making Excellent Time

Have we moved past the search for the one digital art book format to rule them all?

19 September 2016

Playing Favorites: Personal Taste and Working in a Museum

When you work in a museum, how do you decide on your favorite work in the collection? And should that change over time?

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