13 July 2020

Museum Leadership for the Rest of Us

Is it time to stop looking for leaders to guide us out of this pestilential age—and start looking to networks of people to rise to the challenge?

06 May 2020

The Museum at the End of the World: "I Didn't Mean It Literally" Edition

What should museums do in the apocalypse? Stop talking about leadership, realism, and the new normal, to start.

12 March 2020

The Museum at the End of the World: Alternate Timeline Edition (members-only content, subscribe below!)

How might your life and career have changed if you didn't end up working in a museum?

02 March 2020

The Top Ten Museum Excuses Not to Experiment (members-only content, subscribe below!)

We've all heard the reasons museums can't try new things. Which ones are your (least) favorite?

10 February 2020

Introducing Museum Human's Reading List on Organizational Culture for Cultural Organizations (members-only exclusive)

Part One of this exclusive list of books and magazines on org culture and museums focuses on writing about and from museum professionals.

28 January 2020

Why All the Hating on Empathy? (members-only content, subscribe below!)

Empathy is not a one-step solution to all organizational problems. It was never meant to be. Why all the piling on something which should be positive? Subscribe to The Museum at the End of the World to read more!

13 January 2020

The Museum at the End of the World: 2001, An Organizational Culture Odyssey (members-only content, subscribe below!)

In the first issue of The Museum at the End of the World, a members-only newsletter for Museum Human subscribers, look at 2001: A Space Odyssey—for the meetings. Subscribe below to mix some speculative investigations with your museum org culture.

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