Discuss: Some Digital Publishing Points (4/1/16)

The latest from the (so-called) death-grip struggle between print and digital publishing.

posting two days late, apologies, real life intruding and all that

Two months ago I wrote whether print publishing was getting the upper hand in the death-grip struggle with digital content. Since it's such a central conversation to those of us in any kind of content publishing (I'll have more on how print vs. digital directly impacts museums and the art-book field shortly), here's a few more thoughts on the subject:

* Enter the pickle: [a Medium conversation about the state of digital books](https://medium.com/message/the-pickle-a-conversation-about-making-digital-books-8242360378e4#.2e8nf0pc5), between writer/digerati/media mavens [Craig Mod](http://craigmod.com/) and [Robin Sloan](https://twitter.com/robinsloan). Yes, they're talking about a digital book called *[The Pickle Index](http://www.thepickleindex.com/).*
  • Liza Daly, who as much as anyone brings together publishing and software engineering, wrote this excellent Medium post on just what's involved in starting up in digital publishing—the piece is from 2013 but just as pertinent today, considering how many non-Amazon digital pubbers have folded since then. The problem of getting good illustrated pages on a device remains.

French artist Érik Desmazières's 1997 illustration for Jorge Luis Borges's story "The Library of Babel." Can you find your Kindle library?