03 August 2020

Digital Museum Publishing is Still Trying in 2020

In a pandemic world, is digital publishing an answer for museums—or the same problem in different packaging?

08 January 2017

Metadata and the Museum Digital Dilemma

A series of blog posts from the Getty detail just how deeply digital practices have been woven into museum work. What will it take for museum professionals to keep up?

26 September 2016

Art Book Digital Publishing: Hopelessly Lost, Making Excellent Time

Have we moved past the search for the one digital art book format to rule them all?

29 August 2016

Tag, You're It: Museums and the Internet of Stuff

The micro-location revolution promises more information for museums and their visitors than ever. But do we already have too much "stuff" in the museum? And how do we keep track of it all?

27 June 2016

What We Talk about When We Talk about Silos

It turned out that our collective war on silos was a war on other people's silos.

15 May 2016

Text and the Future of Museum Content

Is anyone reading museum wall labels—and if so, retaining what they're reading—any more?

11 April 2016

Can Medium be a message for museums?

Can cultural institutions afford the money and time to try to make long-form reading—on someone else's platform—work?

03 April 2016

Could museums use a bit more (internal) controversy?

What controversial architecture—and what really gets built—can teach museums about internal discussions and decision-making.

03 April 2016

Discuss: Some Digital Publishing Points (4/1/16)

The latest from the (so-called) death-grip struggle between print and digital publishing.

22 March 2016

Links of the Week (3/23/16)

The New York Times tells us that art books are surviving in a digital world. Whew! Also, jetpacks, leisure, and teamwork.

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