21 July 2023

Links of the Week: July 21, 2023: Quarter Dump

The jury is still out on the future of workplaces.

28 January 2020

Why All the Hating on Empathy?

Empathy is not a one-step solution to all organizational problems. It was never meant to be. Why all the piling on something which should be positive? Subscribe to The Museum at the End of the World to read more!

25 September 2017

Can Museums Listen to Responsiveness?

Museums are paying more attention to their workplace practices. Can "responsiveness" succeed where "employee engagement" hasn't?

27 March 2016

Just How Different a Workplace is a Museum?

Can evolving workplace practices in the business world be applied to mission-driven non-profits like museums?

01 March 2016

Links of the Week (3/1/16)

Articles on the deeper meaning of design, agile, and multitasking.

19 February 2016

Discuss (2/19/16): Empathy in the Workplace

Is empathy the answer to the host of problems accompanying fast-paced organizational change? And what it might mean for museums.

15 February 2016

The Hater Bell Curve

Does your organization lean towards haterism? Is it even more pronounced in museums?

19 January 2016

Discuss (1/20/16): Museums and Branding

Many museums are rethinking their brand—no matter how many staff think the very idea of a brand is gross and corporate.

17 January 2016

Design [Thinking] Your Museum—an Interview with Dana Mitroff Silvers

A pioneer in applying Design Thinking to museums and other cultural institutions talks about change and evolution in museums.

15 January 2016

10 Thoughts from Museum Computer Network 2015 Conference

My favorite museum technology conference covered data, publishing, "friend-tor-ing," and starting little insurrections.